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Restaurant Floor Plan DesignScott Reed's Restaurant and Equipment has done a large amount of restaurant floor plan designs because we are the architects. We have also specialized in custom remodels, additions, tenant finish's, and Renovations. If you hire a "fly-by-night" company you will regret everything after shaking their hand (and that's if you do that). A quality set of as-built drawings are what you need to see before moving forward with a contractor of any kind. With out a doubt there are projects that don't always get built as the plan has been displayed, some people change there mind as the project continues along.

So what about custom remodels, additions, tenant finish's, and Renovations? Well, We start out by measuring everything, and go from there. Depending on what exactly you are looking for we will work with you and your budget to get your project done on time. We use a special software (CAD) to recreate the entire floor, this allows us to open up every angle that the building will possibly allow. This process takes a very long time because there is so many different calculations to consider.

Scott Reed's Restaurant Renovation team will spend hours in the building understanding not only the floor plan but your mission and vision ads well. WE are able to compile everything that we have done, data, numbers, figures, and create different concepts for you to envision.

So, when you have a project that will involve any custom remodels, additions, tenant finish's, and Renovations to an existing building or structure, keep this in mind because there great value when it comes to an important floor plan.



Renovations, so popular in the home improvement industry, have become so hip in the restaurant world that they’re chronicled on prime time Food Network programs.

The bottom line is that every restaurant can hit a plateau, and that a well-planned renovation can present a fresh new look, generating valuable “buzz” about the business and stimulating increased business. Suddenly, everything old is new again, and the public usually responds positively to what’s new in the neighborhood.

A renovation also represents the chance to re-design the flow of your restaurant, injecting greater efficiency into daily operations, and can enable you to squeeze more guests into your location without making them feel uncomfortable.

There are no limits to the size or scope of restaurant renovation projects. They can include a full-scale makeover to transform an out-of-date interior into a chic, modern eatery. It might be installing an exhibition kitchen in the dining area, or updating your bar area with a modern lighting scheme.

The bottom line is that creative restaurant renovations offer limitless ways to improve your restaurant’s overall performance. The key to a successful renovation is prudent planning, and Scott Reed Restaurant Consulting and Kitchen Equipment professional staff is available to assist you along the way.




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